"The Piano Keys are Black and White but they Sound like a Million Colors in your Mind".
Maria Cristina Mena         

Enjoy a unique and memorable Piano experience with "Philipp Watzek"

Philipp Watzek, a professional pianist and organist with his memorable performances that capture your senses within a unique experience of playing world class music and top chart hits, suiting every occasion.

Philipp Watzek is a excellent pianist who plays professionally a first class and varied piano music that delights the listener senses. International Professional Pianist Dubai, Wedding, Birthday, Event, Concert, Corporate Pianist. www.event-pianist.com
Philipp plays weekly in the largest and top prestigious hotels in well-known holiday destinations in Germany, especially in Bavaria.


Philipp has been playing piano and organ for more than 21 years at the most luxurious hotels, resorts, and restaurants, as well as hundreds of festive occasions and events, i.e. weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, gala dinners, concerts, church festivals, requiems, corporate and private events, across Germany -especially Bavaria-, and abroad, i.e. Austria, Portugal, and Dubai (UAE).


Whether being a solo pianist or accompanying a band, Philipp’s rich repertoire of various music genres, i. e. classics, waltz, entertainments, top radio hits, and others, has always delighted the audience and carried them away into world`s of harmony and pleasure.


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Wherever is your stage, available for booking!

  • Regensburg, Munich, and all-over Bavaria.
  • Germany, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and World-Wide.
  • At castles, on Ships, and in Churches.
  • At hotels and Companies.
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Philipp`s Embracing the Musical Diversity!

  • Elegant, soft, sophisticated and diverse.
  • Profound, heartfelt, dreamy, relaxing, and passionate.
  • Groovy and smooth-sounding to sing along.
  • Peppy, cheerful and rhythmic.
  • Unique interpretation of top chart hits.
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Philipp`s Passion & Aspiration!

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Philipp demonstrates his commitment to professionalism and tendency for perfectionism, in each and every performance.


Keen to select the proper musical repertoire for each occasion, while adapting and performing the latest music releases with his very special and unique style.


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